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aquasuite update service for 1 year (365 days)

1 year update service for aquasuite software

Price: 9.90 EUR
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Product number: 55003

Help and information

What is the update service for?
The update service provides access to the respectively latest version of the aquasuite software.

Can I use my devices without purchasing the update service?
Yes! In the setup of the aquasuite software you always have access to a free version.
Newly purchased devices always include an update service. The duration of the service begins with the start of the aquasuite software or its setup.

My update service has expired, do I have to buy or extend it?
No! You can continue to use and reinstall the aquasuite version that was current on the expiration date of your update service.
If you want to use a newer version of the aquasuite, you must purchase the update service or connect a device with an active update service.

Do I need the update service for each device?
No! It is sufficient if only one of the devices connected via USB has a valid update service for the currently used aquasuite version.
The status of the other devices is irrelevant in this case.

How long is the update service valid?
The runtime included with newly purchased devices depends on the device type and is 6 to 30 months. The runtime begins with the start of the aquasuite software or its setup.
If the update service is purchased separately, the runtime is 12 months and begins with receipt of the key.
The runtime of the purchased update service will not be added to an existing runtime.
Please note that the runtimes of several devices do not add up. They only apply to the respective device.
You can view the exact runtime of your update service in the "Updates" tab of the aquasuite software.

Where is the runtime of the update service stored?
The runtime is stored online and is linked to the serial number of a device.
When purchasing a key, you can choose which device will be linked to it.
Please note that when you sell this device for example, the update service will go with this device.

Do I need a permanent Internet connection to use the aquasuite software?
No! You only need an Internet connection during the installation and activation of your devices.
As long as you do not add new Aqua Computer USB devices, update or reinstall the software, the Internet connection is no longer required.

What happens if I remove devices from the PC?
If you remove the only or last device with a valid update service for the currently installed aquasuite version, the software remains activated and usable.
Only when you add new Aqua Computer USB devices, update or reinstall the software, a device with an appropriate update service is required again.
Otherwise a license must be purchased.

Why does the setup show me only certain versions for download?
At startup, the setup checks the status of the update service of all devices detected via USB.
If the update service of at least one device includes the latest aquasuite version, only this version will be offered for download.
If none of the devices has a suitable update service for the latest aquasuite version, the setup also offers the last or highest version that is covered by the update service of the devices.

What happens when using old devices, such as the aquaero 4.00?
If devices which are only compatible with the aquasuite 4.72 are recognized, this version is available free of charge during the setup in the selection.

I have a problem or more questions.
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